Luke Anderson

Luke Anderson is a painter who currently lives in Laramie, Wyoming. He works predominantly in oil.

Artist's statement: 

Like most representational painting, my work is an attempt to understand the basic relationships between light, objects, and space through the lens of visual aesthetics. In my more recent work, I have been attempting to introduce the concept of hyperreality into the traditional representational western landscape. I have always admired the Impressionists of the late 19th century and the 20th century American landscape painters that followed them. At the same time, I also have always strongly responded to the surrealists, abstract expressionists, pop artists, and color field artists from the 20th Century. My subject matter and themes draw strong inspiration from both impressionism and more contemporary styles. The concept of hyperrealism results from the mixing of traditional representational painting with abstracted elements. These paintings ask questions about the relationships between familiar objects and symbols of the west with their unique environments. Oftentimes those objects and symbols become ubiquitous in our imaginations and come to represent what we understand as the “real” west. These exaggerated representations eventually come to stand for the real objects and landscapes themselves, thus making the idea of a landscape more “real” than reality. The focus on the prominence of certain symbols makes hierarchy a significant theme in many of my works. I use oil paint because the texture and brightness appeals to me and I feel it serves as an homage to its long tradition in fine art. 


Deselms Fine Art, Cheyenne, Wyoming

Works of Wyoming, Laramie, Wyoming


Clay Paper Scissors Gallery and Studio, solo show, Cheyenne, Wyoming, 2013

Touchstone 2016 Group Show, Laramie, Wyoming, November 2016

Wyoming Governor's Capitol Arts Exhibition, Cheyenne, Wyoming, February 2017

Cheyenne Old West Museum Western Spirit Art Show and Sale, Cheyenne, Wyoming, March 2017

Deselms Fine Art, Featured Artist, Cheyenne, Wyoming, April 2017

Mystery Print Gallery and Clay Paper Scissors Gallery and Studio, Rendezvous group show, Pinedale and Cheyenne, Wyoming, June-July 2017

Lander Art Center, The Great American Eclipse, group show, Lander, Wyoming, July-August 2017

Clay Paper Scissors Gallery, "Landscapes and Hauntings of the West," solo show, September-October 2017

Cheyenne Old West Museum Western Spirit Art Show and Sale, Cheyenne, Wyoming, March-April 2018

Works of Wyoming, "Unclouded Vision," invitational group show, Laramie, Wyoming, May 2018 

Mystery Print Gallery/Clay Paper Scissors Gallery, "Rendezvous" group show, Pinedale and Cheyenne, Wyoming, June-July 2018

FusionArt, “3rd Annual Waterscapes Art Exhibition,” online juried show, September 2018

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